Whether you're plannng for a dinner, lunch or breakfast, indoors or outside, Biebel's has a variety of menus that are sure to please your crowd, large or small. 

You have a lot of planning for your event. Let the professionals at Biebel's handle the catering? We've been doing it for years. Let's get this party started! 
Biebel's Catering Menus
Dinners:      Breakfasts:
 Dinner Buffet  Build Your Own Breakfast Burritos
 Deluxe Taco Nacho Burrito Buffet  Meat Lover's Breakfast
 Dinner Done Light  Breakfast A La Carte
 Late Night Snacks  Breakfast Buffet
 Children's Dinner and Picnic Buffet     Continental Breakfast
   French Toast Breakfast
Pig Roasts and Picnics:  
 Spanferkel   Bakery
 Luau  Graduation Options
 Deluxe Picnic   
 Picnic Buffet  Appetizers - Hot and Cold
Luncheons:  Party Trays
 Sandwiches  A La Carte Items
 VIP Luncheon  
 Economy Lunch      

 Photos of various food items are available in the PHOTO GALLERY