Whether you're plannng for the holidays, a dinner, lunch or breakfast, indoors or outside, Biebel's has a variety of menus that are sure to please your crowd, large or small. 

You have a lot of planning for your event. Let the professionals at Biebel's handle the catering? We've been doing it for years. Let's get this party started! 

Don't hesitate to call the Biebel's professionals for more information.               
Biebel's Catering Menus
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Dinners:      Breakfasts:
 Dinner Buffet  Build Your Own Breakfast  Burritos
 Deluxe Taco Nacho Burrito Buffet  Meat Lover's Breakfast
 Dinner Done Light  Breakfast A La Carte
 Late Night Snacks  Breakfast Buffet
 Children's Dinner and Picnic Buffet     Continental Breakfast
   French Toast Breakfast
Pig Roasts and Picnics:  
 Spanferkel   Bakery
 Luau  Graduation Options
 Deluxe Picnic   
 Picnic Buffet  Appetizers - Hot and Cold
Luncheons:  Party Trays
 EAT SAFE - BE SAFE (Individually packaged)  
 Sandwiches  A La Carte Items
 VIP Luncheon  
 Economy Lunch      

 Photos of various food items are available in the PHOTO GALLERY