Biebel's PIG ROASTS are slow-roasted on our charcoal-fired pig roaster. You can't even imagine how good it smells (and tastes)...

TEX - MEX! - The blending of American and Mexican cuisines with homemade Mexican cornbread stuffing creates a delicious unique taste.

Luau - We're not using banana leaves but we can create that island spirit for you with our tropical flavors for those that want to escape!

Spanferkel Pig Roast - Our most popular pig roast with four delicious options from all the trimmings to you roasting and carving your own pig. We also rent pig roasters!

Availability Guidelines: Pig Roasts are available Spring, Summer and Fall Seasons. 

Enjoy a picnic this season with family, friends or co-workers. We offer a variety of options so you can enjoy your guests while dinner is cooking.

Deluxe Picnic Menu
If you want to keep it simple with burgers, brats and chicken breasts grilled at your location, this is the menu for you. Tradtional side dishes are also included in this turnkey picnic menu. No mess - no fuss. We take care of you.

Picnic Buffet
We offer meat and seafood options, delicious side dishes, dessert and drinks for your hungry crowd, making it easy and convenient for you to plan a terrific event. Our Master Grillers can grill at Biebel's and deliver or better yet, we can grill at your site.

To learn more, please complete the Contact Us or Request a Quote forms or give us a call at 920-468-6828.

Photos of various food items are available in the PHOTO GALLERY .