Q: Are reservations required for my order?
We recommend reservations on all rental items to ensure their availability for the date(s) you need them. Reservations are not required, however availability is not guaranteed and could be limited.
Q: Do I need to pay in advance of my rental?
We require a 25% non-refundable down payment, credit card on file and signed contract to guarantee your rental.  The 25% down payment is applied to your balance. If reserving within 1 week of the event date, full payment is required and is non-refundable. We accept check, cash and credit cards for payment. 
Q: What if I rent something and later cancel?
Unfortunately, we have pretty stringent guidelines around cancellation due to the frequent turnover of our party rental items. Those guidelines can be found here. Our best advice is to be certain you need an item before you rent it.
Q: Do you provide delivery service?
We can deliver and pickup your rental items. Delivery and pickup is scheduled for Monday-Friday between 9 am – 3 pm. Weekend delivery is sometimes available for an additional charge. Local delivery and pickup fees cover a 20-mile radius from Biebel’s at $50 + Fuel Charge for round trip service per vehicle.
If you are not home, items will be left in a predetermined area. After your event, all items must be stored indoors, or otherwise protected from the elements and in a neat stack. Chairs and tables should be neatly stacked (and strapped if chairs) similar to how they were delivered. Failure to do so could result in an additional fee.
Q: Can I pick up my items at your storefront?
A: Yes you can. Please confirm our hours upon renting the item. Also, be advised you are responsible for loading the item(s) into your vehicle/trailer and unloading item(s) upon their return. If you’ve been told an item is very heavy, please heed the warning and bring additional muscle to load the item(s). Staff at Biebel’s are not able to load items for you. In this instance, you may want to consider using Biebel's delivery and pickup services.
Q: If I need an item only on Saturday, will I be charged for 2 days because you’re closed Sunday?
A: You will only be charged for one day in this circumstance. We would like ideally for you to pick this item up on Friday for use on Saturday and return on Monday. Some items have an additional day charge applied if used multiple days. 
Q: Do you set up tables and chairs?
A: We set up and take down tables and chairs for an additional fee, and if arranged in advance. We require guidance to how you want items set up - a diagram with layout is perfect. 
Q: Am I supposed to wash the tablecloths I rent?
A : No. Please shake free of any food particles, make sure they are dry to avoid mildew, and put them in a blue/white striped bag provided for return to Biebel’s.
Q : How do I wash the champagne fountain or slush machine?
A : Please do not wash. Just run warm water through the items for a few minutes after emptying the champagne or slush mix. Let dry and return.
Q : Am I supposed to wash everything I rent?
A : Responsibility for the rental items begins at time of pickup or delivery and upon their return to Biebel’s. To avoid cleaning charges, all items must be food-free, rinsed and returned to their original containers, racks or boxes. 
Q:  What if something gets broken?
A:  Replacement costs will be charged to your credit card for anything missing or broken. Please count items upon  pickup or delivery and upon their return.

Q. Can I call at the last minute and rent a tent? 
A: You can call however the likelihood a tent will be available is very slim as inventory is limited and the spring, summer and fall tent seasons are very popular with many outdoor events.

Q : What about set-up of tents?
A : All tent prices include set up and take down. Delivery charges will apply and will vary for distance traveled. If you are going to have your pole tent staked, it is your responsibility to have Digger’s Hotline on site prior to our scheduled arrival. For site requirements contact us. 
Q: I’m having a large event that includes your catering as well as rentals and having it all delivered. What am I responsible for?
A: Biebel’s delivery teams will deliver all rental items, but not set up unless previously requested. Your rental will be delivered a day or two before your event (i.e. on Thursday/Friday for a Saturday or Sunday event) or day of if our schedule allows. The day after the event, our delivery team will pick up rental and any additional catering items - for weekend events, it'll be a Monday or possibly Tuesday pickup. Rental items should be stacked similar to how they were delivered or an additional handling charge may be applied.

Our catering team will bring most of the catering equipment back with them at the conclusion of the event. There may be some catering items, like beverage containers and linens, left at your request. Our delivery team will pick these items up with the other rental items. If preferred, you can return these rental items to our storefront the following day or Monday for weekend events.