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Linens -

When choosing what linens best work for you, please keep in mind...

Our cotton-blend linens come from a different provider than our premium poly linens. 
Therefore, the colors & materials do NOT match.
To help customers avoid unexpected replacement fees due to the linens not being returned to the proper provider, we do not allow rentals that are a mixture of our standard & premium options. 

Linen Tablecloths - Cotton-Blend Linen Tablecloths are available in White, Ivory (through end of 2024), and Black.
(through 2024)

52" x 114"

85" x 85"
51" x 51" or
71" x 71"

Limited Supply

Limited Supply

Limited Supply
Linens should be ordered a minimum of 2 weeks in advanced. Inventory not guaranteed less than 2 weeks in advanced. 

For an 6' or 8' Banquet Table, we recommend 52" x 114" Tablecloth for mid-length drop.

For a 48" Round Table, we recommend 71" x 71" Tablecloth for mid-length drop. 
For a 60" Round Table, we recommend 85" x 85" Tablecloth for mid-length drop.
For a Standing Cocktail Table, we recommend 85" x 85" Tablecloth for mid-length drop.

Napkins -

Price: $0.50 each
20" x 20"

25 Napkin Minimum Order for all Colored Napkins
Minimum does not apply to Black, White, or Ivory.

Cotton-Blend Linen Napkins are special order. Please allow a minimum of two weeks notice to receive requested colors. 

Color options listed to the right with example.

Sandalwood has been discontinued

There will be some variation in colors within orders due to dye-lots & washing. We recommend ordering 10% over what you need. 


Plastic Table Coverings - Bulk Table Coverings: 
Folded Plastic Table Covering (54" x 108") - White or Black   $2.40
100' Banquet Roll - Solid    $28.00
An economic way to cover lots of tables.
Clips available for rent to secure to table for $0.10 each. Recommend 4 per table.

White Elastic Fit Covers - $5.00  
30' x 96" (8' Banquet)     
30" x 72" (6' Banquet)    
60" Round Temporarily Unavailable                       

Poly Linens -
More Colors!  More Sizes!  Easy Return Process!
Giving you more Decorative Options.
We are pleased to offer an expanded collection of 60 designer colors and a large variety of sizes
in round, square, and rectangular tablecloths and napkins.
Great for those customers with a specific design vision. 
Please allow two week lead time for these linens.
See for yourself at https://werentlinens.com/collections/solids/
Call Biebel's for pricing information on other items. 
20 x 20 Napkin$0.75
72 x 72 Square$6.95
90 x 90 Square$15.85
60 x 120 Banquet$9.80
90 x 132 Banquet$28.50
90 x 156 Banquet$28.50
90” Round$9.80
108” Round$15.15
120” Round$17.95
132” Round$24.45